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The specifications of the popcorn bucket? How much does each popcorn bucket cost?

Per popcorn bucket size:11.6*14.2*8.9cm(Top*Height*Bottom) Per popcorn bucket capacity:32OZ Price:US$0.15/PCS

How long does it take for the machine to make a cup of popcorn? What is the productivity pe

It takes about 1.5~2 minutes to make a cup of popcorn. About 30-40 cups can be made in one hour.

How much does the machine cost for a cup of popcorn?

About 0.15usd.

What are the finished shape of popcorn?

Spherical and butterfly shapes.

Can I use my own corn? What are the specifications for corn?

Yes, you can.But it must be dried corn.

How to deal with the waste material after the dry corn is popped into popcorn?

The waste will be automatically removed to the waste collection bag in the machine, the capacity of the collection bag is 0.8L.

What are the flavors of popcorn? How to adjust the taste?

Three Flavors:Salty,Sweet and Original.The sugar/salt needs to be mixed with a little water,then fully stirred with the dried corn and dried before being used.

How much dry corn can the corn capacity box hold?

There are two boxes of dried corn in the machine, each of which can hold 3 kg.So a total of 6 kg of dry corn box capacity.

How many grams of dried corn is consumed per cup of popcorn? How many cups of popcorn can b

1 cup of popcorn consumes about 30~35g of dried corn, and 6kg of dried corn can make 170~200 cups of popcorn.

What is the popcorn machine dimension and weight? What is the size and weight after packing

Machine dimension:L50*W44*H166cm Net Weight:61kg Packaged dimension:L60*W54*H185cm Gross Weight:75kg About 0.6 CBM Material:Wooden Box

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